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Revolutionizing Crypto with AI Solar Powered Mining

RFC as a royal finance club in which private persons can invest. In return to their money they get the royal finance coin

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Royal Finance Coin (RFC)

Royal Finance Coin (RFC) is a landmark in advancing towards greener cryptocurrency practices. Our goal is to align the dynamism and innovation of the crypto industry with the crucial need for sustainability.

By investing in RFC, stakeholders champion a sustainable digital economy, paving the way for a future where financial innovation and environmental responsibility converge.


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Why invest in RFC?

Working with Aruba.it

Our miners mine 17 different cryptocurrencies with AI integration.

They use proof of stake and proof of work. Everything generated is converted into BTC. And it's all done with Aruba in Bergamo, the largest data center in Europe with a 6-level security system and completely green thanks to solar power.

Saverio Fiorita
Saverio Fiorita

Liquidity injection program

Assuming the liquidity injection program starts with 1BTC per month, this initiative will directly benefit RFC holders by increasing demand for the token, potentially leading to a price increase. The exact benefit to each investor will depend on the market response and the proportion of tokens held.

App: RFC Pay

RFC Pay allows users to exchange their coins for any cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

In conjunction with a debit card and its IBAN in Belgium for each cardholder, the money can be spent anywhere, can be sent anywhere and the cardholder himself receives a wide range of benefits in the world's finest locations.

Saverio Fiorita

Board Members

Our team member is incredibly motivated, enthusiastic, and always ready to help out wherever needed.


Saverio Fiorita


Professional Trader and strategy risk analyst, dealer for exchange from more than 10 years. CFO Royal Finance Coin.


Mattia Cucchiarelli


Entrepreneur and Investor. Professional Networker and Top Leader for over 15 years with thousands of partners around the world. Founder of the Royal finance Club


Michele Lerose


Professional Trader and strategy risk analyst, dealer for exchange from more than 5 years. CFO Royal Finance Coin

Our Partners


RFC is available on :

Utility and Benefits

ROYAL FINANCE COIN (RFC) marks a revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, leveraging the power of the Ethereum Network to offer a robust and secure ERC20 token.


What Makes RFC Unique?

RFcoin is build from Royal Finance Club which is already existing high end investors community.

Our commitment to sustainability, innovative mining technology, and the utility of our proprietary app sets us apart. We offer a secure and efficient way to mine, hold, and use cryptocurrency in everyday transactions.

RFC x Aruba

Royal Finance Coin (RFC) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Aruba.it, one of Europe's largest and most respected server providers. With unparalleled encryption and top-tier hosting, Aruba.it x RFC provides an Experience of unmatched security and stability now and in the future


Liquidity Injection Program.

With the liquidity injection program set to kick off at IBTC per month, RFC holders are primed to reap direct benefits. This proactive initiative is expected to fuel demand for the token, potentially driving up its value. The precise advantages for individual investors will be determined by market responsiveness and their respective token holdings.


An ROI of up to 20% can be guaranteed in staking. This ROI can also be sustained in the long term through the strategic generation of value by the miners.


RFC Pay - The App

The app creates a full ecosystem.

The crypto can be converted into fiat because of the European bank account connected to the app. This allows the user to use the coins with their debit card without limit.

In short: The RFC Coins can be used anywhere.

Advantages of the App

In addition to the fact that the crypto can be used immediately and everywhere, the RFC debit card also offers many advantages for holders. Similar to the AMEX, holders have special rights in some of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels, in airports and much more.


Basechain as Foundation

RFC leverages the power of Basechain (BASE) for a secure, scalable, and efficient user experience. Basechain's innovative `"`chain of chains`"` architecture provides a robust foundation for our cryptocurrency, enabling Security, Scalability, and efficiency.

Go Green

At ROYAL FINANCE COIN, we believe in making a difference, not just in the financial world but also in our global ecosystem. Our goGreen initiative is at the heart of everything we do, from our solar-powered Bitcoin mining operations to our annual investments in expanding our green energy capacity.




Presale (6.75%):

337.5 million RFC to provide early access to investors.

Liquidity (0.3%):

15 million RFC to ensure market stability and smooth trading.

Team (2.95%):

147.5 million RFC to reward and incentivize the project team.

Staking Reward (10%):

500 million RFC to incentivize holding and contribute to stability.

New Miners (30%):

1.5 billion RFC to enable RFC to acquire at least 12-13 mining machines.

Marketing (20%):

1 billion RFC to promote the project and increase visibility.

Project funds (20%):

1 billion RFC to support development and operational costs.

Partnership (5%):

250 million RFC to form strategic alliances and collaborations.

Exchanges (5%):

250 million RFC to facilitate listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges.


Opening a personal or corporate multi-IBAN account with RFC Pay across global entities has never been simpler than it is today.


Our Roadmap

April 2024

Pre Launch

Initiate the RFC token pre-sale, aiming to attract early investors and build strong initial support.

May 2024

Market Expansion

Open the pre-sale phase, expanding investment opportunities and reaching a wider audience through aggressive marketing strategies

June 2024

Public Sale

Open the public sale and begin selling RFC tokens at a discounted price. Key milestones include the acquisition of mining machines in Aruba, completing the Certik Audit, and partnership on CoinMarketCap, enhancing the project's credibility and potential.

July 2024

Token Launch

RFC tokens launch on major centralized and decentralized exchanges, launchpads including Pinksale, increasing visibility and trading opportunities with (CoinMarketCap, CryptoRank, Dexscreener, Bitmart, Lbank, ByBit)

August 2024

App Launch

Launch the app and start earning profits from mining operations. Additionally, introduces staking options, providing extra value and rewards for investors.

September 2024 and Beyond

Global Utility Expansion

Establish a hub for global expansion in Dubai and expand RFC's global services and partnerships to solidify market presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team member is incredibly motivated, enthusiastic, and always ready to help out wherever needed.


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